A Bond We All Share

Our Nurse-Family Partnership community is built on that same bond that we all share. Thank you for joining me here tonight; you, our supporters, are an integral part of our community and our success. Hello and welcome, everyone. I am Frank Daidone, and I am the President and CEO of Nurse-Family Partnership’s National Service Office. … Continued

Moms with opioid addictions deserve support

We support moms with opioid addictions through therapeutic relationships and not stigma. Let’s Be Frank— families harmed by opioid addictions are all around us. Sometimes it’s moms who struggle with this epidemic. Most times we aren’t aware of who around us silently deal with the crisis. A young woman next to me sobbed quietly as … Continued

Giving a Little More

With the holidays here and the new year rapidly approaching, my family and I like to take time for gratitude. We have much to be grateful for and want to give back accordingly. We’ve served meals at the homeless shelter, volunteered with underprivileged youth and donated financially as we value giving back as individuals and … Continued

Using Technology to Expand Effective Poverty Solutions 

Using Technology to Expand Effective Poverty Solutions Whether traveling to meet with a family served by Nurse-Family Partnership, or experiencing it right here in Colorado, I am acutely aware of the challenges faced by those living in poverty, both on an individual and community level. As an individual or a family, homelessness, unemployment, intimate partner … Continued

A Supportive Nurse Makes All the Difference

A Supportive Nurse Makes All the Difference State Series Highlight: Pennsylvania In the US, more than 2.3 million infants and toddlers live in poverty and an additional 2.3 million live in families without enough income to meet basic needs.* According to research from the National Center for Children in Poverty, children raised in poverty have … Continued

From Jobless to Employed: Nurses Supporting Moms

When Nurse-Family Partnership families begin with our program, they are often jobless, sometimes homeless, have to quit school or struggle to make ends meet. For an overwhelming number of families, steady employment, returning to finish or further their education and a job or career are all within their sights or a reality which their personal nurse … Continued

Uplifting Generations Starts with Great Nurses

Hello Everyone, I’m excited we’re launching our blog and doing it during National Nurses Week makes it extra special. Prior to my appointment as President and CEO, I began with Nurse-Family Partnership’s National Service Office as chief operating officer and traveled the country spending time with our nurses. The stories I heard and the home … Continued