Latest Public Policy Updates 

  1. 2021 COVID-19 relief package- Key Provisions That Benefit Families (Spanish version here
  2. 2019 Public Charge Rule Permanently Blocked Nationwide  (Spanish version here )
  3. COVID Legislation: Provisions That Benefit NFP Families 
  4. Nurse-Family Partnership and Telehealth Fact Sheet 
  5. Telehealth Home Visiting Systems Guidance 


Each year, the National Service Office for Nurse Family Partnership and Child First Policy & Government Affairs Team makes ambitious public policy goals to sustain and expand protections and opportunities for NFP families, and this year is no exception. In 2021, NFP aims to:

  • Mitigate challenges with effective services during the covid-19 pandemic
  • Advance equity and economic mobility for families
  • Improve, protect, and sustain funding streams
  • Improve medicaid coverage and health systems integration
  • Address disparities in maternal health
  • Expand and improve mental health services for families
  • Provide opportunities to diversify and support our clinical workforce
  • Promote investments and innovations for primary prevention and proven programs

Click here to read more about the NSO’s 2021 public policy priorities.

2021 Federal legislative Agenda

Click here to read more about the NSO’s 2021 Legislative Agenda. 


As a public health program, Nurse-Family Partnership and our nurses are already on the front lines of responding to COVID-19. We have amended our policy priorities to reflect both the programmatic flexibilities that are needed to continue to deliver NFP to moms who need it, but also the healthcare and social services that will be required to meet their heightened needs during this time. In addition to the 2021 public policy priorities listed above, NFP  will:

  • Prioritize a one-time $100 million appropriation for MIECHV that can be used to train home visitors to deliver services through technology that enables home visits from a distance, as well as tangible needs for families including technology, formula, diapers, etc.  
  • Maintain all funding for and staffing levels of MIECHV programs regardless of potential temporary reductions in enrollment in order to maintain existing infrastructure 
  • Support legislation that acknowledges the critical care nurses provide to families nationwide, including H.R. 6720, the Student Loan Forgiveness for Frontline Health Workers Act and H.R. 6578, the Public Health Workforce Loan Repayment Act 
  • Promote telehealth and innovative policies that support evidence-based programs that work 
  • Support efforts to expand wireless coverage for low-income families and expand broadband connectivity 

Click here to read more about NFP’s policy priorities in response to COVID-19.