A Career at Nurse-Family Partnership is Empowering, Fulfilling

Nurse-Family Partnership is comprised of passionately committed individuals who work to support families in need.

We’re hiring a new CeO

This is a key moment in time for the NSO: following the 2020 merger of Nurse-Family Partnership and Child First, and supported by significant external investments in recent years, the organization is poised for growth. The CEO will build upon the organization’s rich history as an established, highly regarded, ‘gold standard’ leader in its field and lead the NSO’s evolution going forward.

Looking ahead, the CEO will lead this advancement from the organization’s core foundation of evidence-based success and impact through transformational growth and expansion. This person is a strategist, a mission-driven leader, an operational manager and a public figure, who will grow, scale and diversify the organization; they will harness the momentum of the recent merger to lead the NSO in reaching its next level.


Network partner careers

Nurse-Family Partnership network partners directly hire nurse home visitors, nurse supervisors and other professionals in their communities to deliver the Nurse-Family Partnership program and serve first-time low-income parents. It’s a different kind of nursing, with an outstanding opportunity to build long-term, high-impact relationships with moms and families.
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National Service Office careers

Employees at the U.S. headquarters – known as the National Service Office – support the national network of NFP nurses who directly provide service to families. From nurse consultation and education, to political advocacy and program development, marketing, information services and quality assurance, our job is to expand the Nurse-Family Partnership program and to support and guide network partners to ensure their success.
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If you have questions about career opportunities please email the National Service Office’s Talent Acquisition Team at jobs@nursefamilypartnership.org.

General Questions

What is a Network partner?

A network partner is an entity that contracts with the National Service Office to implement the Nurse-Family Partnership program in a specific geography, usually a city, town or county. Network partners are often public health entities, such as county health departments or hospitals, but the Nurse-Family Partnership program is also implemented by community organizations, Federally Qualified Health Centers and other entities.

What is the difference between the National Service Office and a Network partner?

The National Service Office is a nonprofit business that is tasked with replicating the Nurse-Family Partnership program throughout the U.S., and ensuring the quality and success of implementation in communities.

Network partners are entities that contract with the National Service Office to implement the Nurse-Family Partnership program in a specific geographic area, usually a city, town or county.

Employees of the National Service Office work to support the nursing teams and others at the network partners that deliver the Nurse-Family Partnership program to vulnerable young mothers having their first child.

What is the National Service Office?

The National Service Office is the headquarters for Nurse-Family Partnership in the U.S. The National Service Office oversees program implementation to ensure a future where all children are healthy, families thrive, communities prosper and the cycle of poverty is broken.