Our support and training can make you a great nurse

Your skills keep growing to meet new challenges

Before you face a first-time mom with her endless questions, the Nursing Practice Team at Nurse-Family Partnership will help you find the answers. The Nursing Practice Team is vital to the success of Nurse-Family Partnership, providing specialized training, education and resources to nurses so that they provide the best care possible to young mothers.

Through both in-person and distance learning opportunities, you will participate in the core education program designed to teach the skills needed to establish successful therapeutic relationships with clients. The program also includes instruction in the Visit-to-Visit guidelines to ensure that the Nurse-Family Partnership program is delivered with fidelity  across the country so that the goals for each client are achieved.

Your education will continue with regular team meetings with nursing supervisors and staff members from the National Service Office. These are structured to help you continually improve your skills in communications, problem-solving and building professional relationships. Through regular meetings and case conferences, you will have the opportunity to consult with other members of the team on addressing difficult personal and health-related crises among your clients. These meetings also provide a community of professional support with colleagues experiencing many of the same joys and challenges as you.

Part of the mission of the Nursing Practice team is to ensure that nurses and their supervisors receive the specialized education they need to be successful.

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