A confident mom begins with a great nurse

You can be the one she trusts most

As a nurse with Nurse-Family Partnership, you will play a critical role in the lives of young mothers and their children. By visiting the families in their homes, and helping moms and their partners through their pregnancies and until their children are 2 years old, you will become a trusted advisor, providing the support they need to deliver healthy babies, and become relaxed and confident parents. You can help them identify their personal strengths and guild them to achieve a bright future for themselves and their children.

The program’s scheduled home visits with each first-time mom over a 2½-year period provide content that is based on client requests, nursing assessment and program topics. Although the focus in on the new mom, the baby’s father and other family members are also encouraged to participate.

Research on participants in this intensive program has demonstrated clear positive outcomes, including:

  • Mothers access prenatal care, improve their diets, and reduce their use of tobacco, alcohol and illegal substances.
  • First-time moms are better prepared emotionally for the arrival of the babies.
  • New mothers develop the skills to care for themselves and their children and identify developmental milestones and educational opportunities.
  • Mothers learn about the full range of normal behaviors in children, and develop positive approaches and nonviolent techniques for coping with inevitable behavior problems.
  • Mothers and their families develop a vision for their future and find ways to stay in school, seek employment and plan future pregnancies so they can achieve economic self-sufficiency.