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Beginning with trust, ending with extraordinary outcomes.

Nurse-Family Partnership® is a community health program that truly changes lives – for generations to come.

Nurse-Family Partnership empowers first-time moms to transform their lives and create better futures for themselves and their babies. Watch our short video to learn about our program directly from families, NFP nurses, Dr. Olds and other advocates.

PROGRAM Fact sheets

Take a look at our program and outcomes by the topics listed below. Each fact sheet is available in PDF format to share.

NFP Program Overview

NFP and Child First Program Overview

NFP National Snapshot (number of states and families served)

NFP Nurses and Families

NFP Maternal and Child Health Outcomes

NFP Maternal Mortality and Morbidity

NFP Benefits and Costs


NFP Preventing Childhood Obesity

NFP Research Trials and Outcomes

Ted Miller’s Study: NFP Outcomes, Costs and Return on Investment in the U.S.

Over more than four decades, research consistently has proven that Nurse-Family Partnership succeeds at its most important goals: keeping children healthy and safe and improving the lives of moms and babies.

Nurse-Family Partnership works by having specially educated nurses regularly visit young, first-time moms-to-be, starting early in the pregnancy and continuing through the child’s second birthday.

The expectant moms benefit by getting the care and support they need to have a healthy pregnancy. At the same time, new mothers develop a close relationship with a nurse who becomes a trusted resource they can rely on for advice on everything from safely caring for their child to taking steps to provide a stable, secure future for them both. Through the partnership, the nurse provides new moms with the confidence and the tools they need not only to assure a healthy start for their babies, but to envision a life of stability and opportunities for success for both mom and child.

The Nurse-Family Partnership National Service Office is a non-profit organization that provides network partners across the country the information, support and specialized education they need to properly implement Nurse-Family Partnership and produce the same successful results that have made the program a national model.

NFP map 385,375+ families served since replication

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* Disclaimer for 28 weeks or less pregnant: Some exceptions may apply please check with your local Nurse-Family Partnership network partner for more information.

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