A young family’s bright future begins with a great nurse

Be a part of it

Face it, for first-time mothers, the sight of a nurse on the doorstep after a sleepless night with a newborn is like a small miracle. As a personal nurse in the Nurse-Family Partnership program, you will form trusting relationships with young, at-risk mothers to help ease them through the emotional, social and physical challenges of becoming parents.

From the moment you meet a first-time mom, a remarkable transformation begins. Your advice and guidance will empower young mothers to have healthy pregnancies and to care for their babies with confidence. You will have the extraordinary opportunity to see the difference you can make as you help a young woman navigate the stresses of becoming a mom.

As a Nurse-Family Partnership nurse, you will meet with first-time moms through their pregnancies and until their children are 2 years old, developing enduring relationships. Your support will help them take control of their lives, nurture healthy children and build strong families.


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