Reflecting on 2020

Despite the challenges of the past year, as we prepare to turn the page on 2020, I see hope on the horizon. Last week, Americans began receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, developed in record time by some of the best minds in science – providing a light at the end of this long tunnel. The events of this year – painful as they have been – have also drawn new attention to persistent inequities and disparities in this country, paving the way for real change and pushing organizations, including our ownto step up as part of the solution.  

Winter Graduation

As an organization, we’ve learned so much this year  about how to pivot in times of crisis, about the value of partnerships in boosting our impactbut most importantly we’ve learned a lot about ourselves as an organizationWe’ve learned were capable of having a larger impact on the families and partners in our network, as we have done throughout the pandemic by supporting them in staying in touch via telehealth, putting cell phones in families’ hands to keep them connected, and by providing other vital support and assistance directly to families to meet their needs and alleviate disparities during this time of crisis.  

It’s a long road ahead, but as we approach a new year, we are proud of the work we have done and the progress we have continued to make on behalf of families. We enter 2021 focused on recovery – how can we contribute to a long-term, equitable recovery from COVID-19? How can we build a new vision for public health that expands access to high-quality, evidence-based programs and meets the holistic needs of communities?  

Giving a Little More

This time of year, I always try to focus on gratitude, and my family and I look for ways to give back to our community. This year especially, we’re pushing ourselves to provide a little more for those that are most in need, whose challenges are magnified during these times.

As we enter this holiday season, I’m filled with immense gratitude for all those who have stood with our organization throughout such a challenging year. The pandemic and its fallout have impacted every single one of us, yet I’ve been inspired by the dedication and generosity of our community – from our nurses on the ground to our community-based partners to our philanthropic supporters. It’s because of this strong, tight knit community that the National Service Office been able to weather the challenges and disruptions of 2020 and continue providing uninterrupted services to tens of thousands of families. With the lingering economic and emotional impact of the pandemic, our ability to support our nurseshome visitors and community-based partners and to continue reaching and supporting families is more important than ever. 

Every donation and every dollar make a critical impact on our mission. Thanks to two generous donorswhen you give to Nurse-Family Partnership through December 31st, each gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $100,000 – allowing your impact go a little bit further.

On behalf of all of us at the National Service Office for Nurse-Family Partnership and Child First, thank you for your continued support. We wish you all a healthy, safe and joyous holiday season. 


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