Helping the Nurse-Family Partnership vision become reality

Special thanks to our supporters, partners and friends

Through the support of social change philanthropists, Nurse-Family Partnership can extend the reach of its early childhood home-visiting program and provide assistance to even more low-income, first-time families. Nurse-Family Partnership gratefully acknowledges the following organizations giving $5,000 and above for supporting our work over the last 18 months.

American Idea Foundation
AmerisourceBergen Foundation
Amy Young and Charles Shumaker
Andrew Mulvey & Nina Mutone
Andrew Tilton
Ann and Matthew Harren
Barbara A. Fujiwara
Benjamin Cohen
Benjamin Levine
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina
Blue Meridian Partners
Brooke and Jeff Fesperman
Bylo Chacon Foundation
Caleb and Johanna Wright
CareSource Foundation
Carl Riehl
Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation
Cathy and Tom Cooney
Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation
Charles and Marie Robertson Foundation
ChildTrust Foundation
Chris Wasserstein & Dan Rattiner
Cielo Foundation
Cynthia and Byron Grant
Darcy Lowell
David Earling and Maria Nicolo
David Olds
David Perez
Denise Cutler
Diana McDonough
Dogwood Health Trust
Douglas and Ruth Johnson
Dr. Fred and Shannon Cerise
Dr. Kimberly Neiheisel
Dr. Richard Boas
Dwight Rogers & Margaret Gail Gillespie
Edna McConnell Clark Foundation
Eileen Leedy
Elizabeth Brockland
Elizabeth Kelly and Joshua Olken
Elizabeth Logan
Elizabeth Martin
Elizabeth Schneider
Ensworth Charitable Fund
Eric Glass
Eric Pynnonen
Erin and Matthew Lubman
Erin Gilbert
Fairfield County Community Foundation
Frank Loomis Palmer Fund
Glassybaby Foundation
Greenbridge Family Foundation
GreenLight Fund – Boston
Grossman Family Foundation
Headwaters Foundation
Henry and April Mascia
Hobbs Foundation
Holly Maxson & David Berger
I.A. O’Shaughnessy Foundation
J. Mark Kreider
Jacques Kerrest and Sara Johnson
Jean and Louis Dreyfus Foundation
Jennifer Chu
Jennifer Funk & Brian Jansen
Jim Moran Foundation
Joan Egrie
Johnette Gindling
Jonathan and Julianna Kaplan
Joseph Deal
Judith Weiss
Judy Bertoli
Julia Turner & Ben Wasserstein
Katharine Kruger
Kathy and Henry Elsesser
Kenji Kasahara
Kohn Charitable Trust
Korein Foundation
Krista Wicklund
Kurtzman Carson Consultants LLC
Lara Porter
Len Silverston & Annette Quintana
Leo Korein & Ann Ritter
Lisbeth and Matthew Stone
Mackenzie Scott
Marksbury Family Foundation Inc.
Martha and Garnett Keith
Mary Karen Lynn-Klimenko
Mary Monaghan
Marykate Maher
Melanie Burgess
Mother Cabrini Health Foundation
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Mardie Marshall
National Philanthropic Trust
Nicholas and Susan Noyes
Oechsle Family Foundation
Olivia Montgomery
Otto Bremer Trust
Overdeck Family Foundation
Paul Bruno
Philip Richter and Julie Sissman
Phyllis Sharp
Polly Hand
Progress Charitable Foundation
Quantum Foundation
R. Seelaus & Co.
Raine Lee & Wes Wallace
Realty Investment Company, Inc.
Rebecca and Patrick McGrath
Revada Foundation
Richard and Catherine Rudolph
Richard and Susan Anderson
Richard Barna
Richard E. and Nancy P. Marriott Foundation
Richard W. Goldman Family Foundation
Ritter Family Foundation
Robert and Laura Hill
Robert Rosenbaum and Asya Troychansky
Roberta Bainum
Rosalie J. Coe Weir Foundation
Sam and Alexandra Glickman
Scott Canute
Sheltering Arms Foundation
Space Coast Health Foundation
Susan Taylor Haas
Texas Womens Foundation
Thanh Tran
The Ballmer Group
The Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation
The Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation
The Chisholm Foundation
The Duke Endowment
The Harmes C. Fishback Foundation Trust
The Joseph & Vera Long Foundation
The Louis R. and Dorothy M. Meister Foundation
The Milton and Beatrice Wind Foundation
The William C. Bullitt Foundation
Tipping Point Community
Trent Cutler
Trisons Foundation, Inc.
UCare Foundation
Urban Institute
Valhalla Foundation
Vance Jacobs and Lauren Menschel
VNA Foundation
Whole Foods Market
William and Debbie Becker
WRG Foundation


In addition, Nurse-Family Partnership’s mission is supported by donations from: National Board of Directors and National Service Office staff.

This list does not include the many individual and local donors to Nurse-Family Partnership. We are grateful for each and every one of its generous donors.

Become a part of social change philanthropy

Foundation representatives can learn how to help make the Nurse-Family Partnership services available to every eligible first-time family throughout the U.S. Institutional and individual donors can learn how to make an impact through donation by contacting A member of the Philanthropy department will respond to your query within one (1) business day.

Contact us at or 866.864.5226.