Who Are We?

Raising Strong connects families with one another to share wisdom, solve challenges and pay it forward to other first-time families starting their own parenting journey.

You'll have access to resources, virtual networks and eventually live events, all connecting families to grow and thrive together long into the parenting journey.

You'll also have the opportunity to lend your voice and your time to Nurse-Family Partnership, advocating for the supports and policies that made a difference for you, to be available to every family who needs them in the future.

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You'll be added to the community, and will have instant access to our online networking platforms, virtual events and connected parenting resources including:

  • Private Raising Strong Facebook Group
  • Raising Strong Newsletter
  • Special Events
  • Volunteer and Parent Ambassador Opportunities
Parent Ambassadors Gayle and Allison soaking in the environment around them while sitting at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at the Parent Ambassador social event outing

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Programs offered:

Parent Ambassadors

Become a Parent Ambassador

The Parent Ambassador Program will provide the platform for the voices of NFP families. Parent Ambassadors are equipped with the training and support needed to be leaders in their community and advocate on behalf of NFP families.

Connect with other NFP Parents

NFP Parents have a shared experience that they can relate to. Parents can join the private Facebook page and receive monthly newsletters to stay connected with one another and be in the know about upcoming events.

Parent Ambassadors

Be a Parent Advocate

NFP parents have opportunities to share their NFP parenting journeys with legislators and more opportunities are available to participate in virtual and in-person advocacy events like advocacy days, grassroots campaigns, etc.

Volunteer Leadership

Stay involved in sharing your voice to be a part of the conversation to continue shaping the NFP program. You can serve on advisory workgroups, boards, and local, state and national committees.



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