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Nurse-Family Partnership is excited to release a new, improved application process for all National Service Office job openings. We are confident you will have a better and more streamlined candidate experience.

The current process will be discontinued on July 20 and the upgraded version will go live Monday, July 23. We apologize for any inconvenience associated with this system upgrade and delay in your application. We encourage you to return on July 23 and submit your application. If you applied for a position before July 20 you will receive an email instructing you on next steps.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and your interest in a career with Nurse-Family Partnership.

Please note this change only applies to positions at the National Service Office.


We believe in rewarding employees for their contributions to our success. The competitive benefits package at the National Service Office includes medical and other insurance, a 401(k) with a generous 10 percent employer contribution, vacation and sick leave, a commuting allowance and more.


Culture often can be hard to define. Not at the National Service Office. We have a lot of passion for the Nurse-Family Partnership program and the beneficial outcomes for the families we serve. We’re a talented team and we work hard, but we know how to play, too, with Bagel Fridays, the occasional staff outing to a ballgame, and staff parties.

Our culture is built upon our Mission, Vision and Values. But we’re always striving to be better. That’s why we work to deepen our capacity for inclusivity and report our progress. We want to connect – really connect – with the client families in the Nurse-Family Partnership program, and that means embracing and empowering diverse voices and viewpoints.

Work hard. Have fun. Share. Listen. Make a difference. That’s how we build a great culture.

Diversity and Inclusivity at the National Service Office

For Nurse-Family Partnership, diversity and inclusivity are two sides of a valuable coin. We know we are better when our staff reflects the diversity of our communities and the clients we serve. But equally important, inclusivity means listening to diverse perspectives and doing our best to ensure everyone has a voice. That’s inclusive. That’s strength.

National Service Office Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Nurse-Family Partnership positively transforms the lives of vulnerable babies, mothers and families.

Our Vision

A future where all children are healthy, families thrive, communities prosper, and the cycle of poverty is broken.

Our Values

With an intentional and intense sense of urgency to change lives, we will:

  • Be tenacious caregivers by bringing passion and excellence to our nursing practice and professional services
  • Actively listen to and persistently serve our families and our implementation network
  • Provide leadership in the field of evidence-based and home visitation programs
  • Seek and find solutions
  • Innovate and stay relevant
  • Translate and enhance the science of pregnancy, brain and early childhood development to serve vulnerable babies and families
  • Respect and honor differences in race, ethnicity, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and veteran status
  • Be respectful, collaborative and tenacious in all of our interactions with each other and on behalf of our families and implementation network
  • Do more with less

Frequently asked questions

Are all National Service Office jobs in Denver?
The National Service Office is headquartered in Denver, CO, but not all positions are located there. Many of our nurse consultants and program developers live and work in the communities and regions where Nurse-Family Partnership programs operate. Each job posting will identify the location for the position.

Are all open jobs at the National Service Office posted on this site?

Do I have to be a nurse to work at the National Service Office?
While a number of positions do require nursing degrees, such as nurse consultant, many other jobs at the national headquarters are non-nursing positions similar to what you would find at any organization headquarters.

How long are jobs posted?
All jobs are posted until they are filled or no longer available.

What kinds of jobs are available at the National Service Office?
A variety of career choices is available at the National Service Office in the areas of nurse consulting and nurse education, program development, quality assurance, advocacy, marketing and communications, fund development, information services, finance, human resources, legal and other administrative functions.

Agencies that implement the Nurse-Family Partnership program are found coast to coast. Employees at the local agencies work closely with the client families, beginning with nurse home visitors who meet frequently with first-time moms and their babies. This is more than a job; it is building a deep relationship with young women and their families. Our nurses know they have a hand in the future, and are rewarded by seeing it unfold over the course of the program.

It’s a different kind of nursing, and if it is what you seek, we want to hear from you. Begin by checking the list of job openings. You can also look on our locations page for local agencies near you. They may have a position available that is not listed here.

Register for Job Openings

You’re interested in Nurse-Family Partnership as a terrific career option, but maybe you don’t have time to keep checking for openings. No problem! Just register for job openings and we will send you the latest. Email Andrew Hinds for more information.

Your privacy: Nurse-Family Partnership is committed to maintaining the privacy of job applicants. The information you share with us is sent only to appropriate parties within the Nurse-Family Partnership National Service Office or Nurse-Family Partnership local agencies and is never shared with outside organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all open jobs at local agencies posted on this site?
Not necessarily. The Nurse-Family Partnership website team posts jobs that an local agency sends to us. It is possible that a local agency may have a job opening that is not posted on our national site. If you are interested in a specific agency, you should check the contact information on the website at and contact that agency directly.

How do I post an agency job position on the website?
All you need to do is go to the Post a Job page and submit your job via the easy to fill out form. New posting will be live on the website within two business days. If you have questions you can connect with Andrew Hinds, NFP National Service Office Talent Acquisition, at

Do I have to be a nurse to work at for local agencies?
It depends on the job. Nurse home visitors and nurse supervisors require bachelor degrees, but other support positions at agencies may not require an applicant to be a nurse.

How do I know if there is a local agency near me?
The best place to check for a complete and up-to-date listing of agencies and locations is on the Nurse-Family Partnership website at Where We Operate.

How long are local agency jobs posted?
The website team posts jobs that a local agency sends to us. We will keep the job posted until the local agency lets us know that it has been filled or is no longer available.

What kinds of jobs are available at local agencies?
Many of the jobs at Nurse-Family Partnership local agencies are nursing jobs – nurse home visitors and nurse supervisors. Occasionally, the agencies may post a job for support positions, as well.

Where are local agencies located?
Nurse-Family Partnership local agencies are located throughout the country in urban, suburban and rural areas, and new agencies open on a fairly frequent basis. The best place to check for a complete and up-to-date listing of agencies and locations is on the website at Where We Operate.