Innovative financing approach helps Nurse-Family Partnership serve more families.

Nurse-Family Partnership has a more than 40 years of history of improving the health, safety and well-being of first-time mothers and their children born into poverty. However, despite clear evidence to support the program, it reaches only a small percentage of eligible families.

Pay for Success, a performance-based contract between investors, government agencies and providers, offers a new strategy to expand Nurse-Family Partnership services. With Pay for Success, investors provide up-front funding to providers for services, and the government repays them if and when the provider’s performance meets or exceeds a set of outcome metrics agreed to by providers, investors and government in a contract.

Nurse-Family Partnership continues to explore Pay for Success opportunities to help more families in need, and has been selected in competitive proposals to develop Pay for Success projects. Feasibility work to determine whether Pay for Success is a good fit in a particular jurisdiction has been undertaken in multiple states and counties.

In 2016, Nurse-Family Partnership launched the nation’s first Pay for Success project to improve maternal and child health in South Carolina. This project will extend services to 3,200 Medicaid-eligible first-time moms and their children over a six-year period, which is the largest number of moms ever served in South Carolina by Nurse-Family Partnership.

Nurse-Family Partnership supports federal legislation to  direct scarce public resources toward effective programs. The Social Impact Partnerships to Pay for Results Act (SIPPRA) – a bipartisan bill passed in February 2018 will allow the federal government to help states pay for successful outcomes in Pay for Success projects. This will be an important avenue to expand services nationwide. For more information on NFP and SIPPRA click here.