We ask you to show your support for Nurse-Family Partnership by telling us what NFP means to you and why you support our work with first-time moms and their babies across the country.

Personal stories are so powerful; they can change minds and motivate others in a way that sometimes nothing else can. Taking the time to share a short story of your own experience or perspectives about NFP can literally help us serve more mothers and babies by being an important part of the case for support that we present to lawmakers, the media and the public.

We want community leaders to know what NFP offers and the work that is being done to truly change lives – for generations to come.

Using the form below, you can record a quick video, share your story in writing, or both.

Share Your Story

  • Only your first name and initial of your last name will be displayed.
  • Using the video recording tool below, you can quickly and easily share your story from any computer or mobile device with a front-facing camera. It will help to keep what you share short and concise, to speak slowly, and to enunciate clearly.

    The following prompts can help you organize your thoughts as you record your video:

    • What is your name? Where do you live? (Hi, my name is ________, and I live in _____)
    • What is your connection to Nurse-Family Partnership?
    • How has Nurse-Family Partnership had an impact on your life or on the lives of people in your community?
    • Why is it important to you that first-time parents have access to home visiting?
    • What do you hope the future of support for families looks like?
    • Be sure to wrap up your video with the message of 'thank you for supporting first-time moms and their babies.'

    Record Your Video Story

    You're ready to record a video and send it to NFP! Click "Record Video" to get started and allow the site to access your camera and microphone. To begin recording click the red button at the bottom left. When you're done, click the same red button in the bottom left. Your recording will upload to the NSO immediately, and a NFP staff member may be in touch.