Research and the Nurse-Family Partnership program

The Nurse-Family Partnership’s unmatched evidentiary foundation of effectiveness for supporting first-time mothers and their children is founded on over three decades of research. Three separate randomized, controlled trials implemented among different demographic populations and in different geographic settings have demonstrated that NFP provides an unsurpassed level of efficacy for supporting positive maternal and child outcomes among low-income families.

Research continues to be an integral component of Nurse-Family Partnership and offers a vital means to develop and test program improvement initiatives and evaluate the program’s effectiveness in community implementation. While research remains a valued part of the program, the primary mission of the Nurse-Family Partnership National Service Office is to support the implementation of the NFP model with fidelity in communities across the country. Therefore, all research conducted within NFP Implementing Agencies must receive prior approval from the Nurse-Family Partnership National Service Office Research and Publications Committee (RAPComm), and researchers must obtain RAPComm approval before approaching implementing agencies about research participation by submitting the Application for Research.