Locally implemented with strong national support.

Nurse-Family Partnership National Service Office partners with communities.

Nurse-Family Partnership draws it strength from an extensive body of research conducted over more than 39 years. Some research-based programs can become diluted when implemented and scaled in the real world, resulting in a reduction of program effectiveness. Ensuring fidelity to the model to prevent this dilution from occurring is at the core of the Nurse-Family Partnership National Service Office's purpose.

The Nurse-Family Partnership National Service Office, along with our strategic partner Invest in Kids, supports communities in implementing and sustaining the program by providing consultation from the following national departments throughout the life of the program:

  • Business Development helps local and state community leaders, through assessment and planning, to build community support, prepare for implementation, and plan for sustainability of the local program.
  • Nursing Practice prepares registered nurses and supervisors to deliver the program, using a competency model of instruction and building on their professional education and experience. In addition, state nurse consultants in each state provide ongoing clinical consultation on everyday nursing practice issues as they relate to the Nurse-Family Partnership model.
  • Program Quality Support collects and evaluates data that nurses collect on each visit. The data is monitored and reported back to implementing agencies to ensure that the program is being implemented with fidelity to the Nurse-Family Partnership Model Elements. This team also provides a process for quality improvement.
  • Marketing and Communications increases public awareness, generates media coverage, and increases visibility of the program at the local and national levels. This team also provides an array of materials for implementing agencies to use to increase referrals and program awareness among a broad range of stakeholders.
  • Public Policy and Government Affairs develops new and sustained federal and state funding while securing powerful broad-based, bipartisan, and bicameral government support for local implementing agencies and the Nurse-Family Partnership national replication effort.


"One of the things that is most distinctive about Nurse-Family Partnership is that we have no desire to cherry-pick the easy cases. We want to work with the mothers who are the most at risk because we want to make the greatest possible difference. And that is where we have the most impact." 

– Robert Hill, chair of the Nurse-Family Partnership Board of Directors

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