Nurse-Family Partnership has deep roots in New York. The Empire State is where the program’s long history of research and results began to bloom. And today, New York is home to its largest urban implementation.

Nurse-Family Partnership originated in New York State, where the first of three randomized, controlled trials was conducted in Elmira to test the program’s effectiveness.

Nurse-Family Partnership nurse home visitors work with low-income young women who are pregnant with their first child, helping these vulnerable young clients achieve healthier pregnancies and births, stronger child development, and a path toward economic self-sufficiency. Nurse-Family Partnership is a rare New York community health program that has been documented to achieve lasting and significant effects through multiple, well-designed randomized, controlled trials. More than 37 years of research proves that it works.

Nurse-Family Partnership in New York

The trial in Elmira was followed by trials in Memphis and Denver. After all three demonstrated powerful outcomes, the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene adopted the program. Since 2003, the NYC Nurse-Family Partnership has expanded to become the largest urban site in the nation, serving all five boroughs in New York City. In 2006 and 2007, the NFP program expanded farther north in the state, to Monroe and Onondaga counties, respectively, and 2013 saw the addition of Cayuga and Nassau Counties.

To inquire about bringing Nurse-Family Partnership to more communities in New York, contact the Nurse-Family Partnership Program Development team for New York.