Become a Nurse-Family Partnership Nurse today and improve the lives of mothers and their children.

Working with Nurse-Family Partnership allows you to make a difference right in your own community.

Imagine a career that is as rewarding as it is challenging, and focuses on the power of personal relationships in delivering proven, effective prenatal and maternal healthcare. Imagine a career that allows you the flexibility to get out of the office during the work day, and into the community you want to serve. Imagine a career in nursing that allows you to see tangible results and improvements among your clients – right before your eyes.

If this sounds appealing, then Nurse-Family Partnership may be the place to start or continue your career in public health nursing and maternal and child health nursing. Nurse-Family Partnership is an evidence-based, nurse home visitation program that improves the health, well-being, and economic self-sufficiency of low-income, first-time families. It is the only community health program informed by three decades of rigorous research with consistent outcomes that improve clients' life course and produce quantifiable benefits to society as a whole.

Nurse-Family Partnership nurse home visitors are registered nurses (RNs) who typically hold baccalaureate degrees in nursing. They usually have several years of experience in maternal and child heath, behavioral health nursing, pediatrics, or other fields. This wealth of public health knowledge and experience serves as a foundation for the comprehensive training and preparation they'll undergo upon joining Nurse-Family Partnership. (Please note: Employee qualifications, requirements, and certifications may vary slightly by locale due to differing state and local regulations.)

Job openings
Review current nurse home visitor and nurse supervisor job openings around the country. Unsure if there is a Nurse-Family Partnership implementing agency in your community? Find current locations and a list of contacts on the Nurse-Family Partnership agency map.

"Nurse-Family Partnership Nurses are those with the creative force who make change happen and bear witness to the successes of women, children, and men who heretofore would have never realized their hopes and dreams."

– "Every Day Is Nurse's Day," by Kay Kinsey, Nurse-Family Partnership Administrator

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