Kayla & Nurse Christine
Kayla & Nurse Christine

“When I found out I was pregnant, I was in shock. It was the biggest and best surprise!” exclaimed Nurse-Family Partnership graduate Kayla.

When she met her NFP nurse Christine, Kayla thought this is too good to be true. Christine was always there for her to listen and assure her what she was doing was right. When her pregnancy presented health challenges, Christine helped her to monitor her blood pressure and overall health. Later when her baby girl Arabella Grace struggled to breastfeed, Christine coached her through it. “She was amazing with answering my questions, so patient and nonjudgmental.”

Arabella Grace’s First Birthday

When Kayla graduated from Nurse-Family Partnership last spring, she knew exactly what she wanted to do with her nursing degree: She got a job, just like Christine, as a Nurse-Family Partnership nurse.

“If I can make someone feel at ease, the way nurse Christine made me feel, I know I am doing something right,” Kayla shared.

Kayla is an NFP nurse and NFP graduate from the Nurse-Family Partnership program at Geisinger clinic in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. 

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* Disclaimer for 28 weeks or less pregnant: Some exceptions may apply please check with your local Nurse-Family Partnership network partner for more information.

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