The statistics for Florida’s most vulnerable young families are staggering.

In a 2008 state-by-state premature birth rate report card, The March of Dimes gave Florida an “F.” In 2007, the state’s infant mortality rate was 7.1 per 1,000 live births, higher than the national average of 6.78 per 1,000 live births. South Bay, a western community within Palm Beach County where NFP began serving clients in 2010, has an infant mortality rate of 51 per 1,000 live births.

Clearly, these at-risk families in the Sunshine State need help.

Nurse-Family Partnership in Florida

Nurse-Family Partnership is a rare community health program that has been documented to achieve lasting significant effects through multiple, well-designed randomized, controlled trials. More than 37 years of research proves that it works.

Nurse-Family Partnership began serving its first Florida clients in Palm Beach County in 2008, and in Pinellas County in 2011. But there are many more first-time, low-income families who could benefit from the guidance and encouragement Nurse-Family Partnership provides as a Florida charity, if the program expands to serve the need.

To inquire about bringing Nurse-Family Partnership to more communities in Florida, contact the Nurse-Family Partnership Program Development team for Florida.