Public Policy and Advocacy.

Nurse-Family Partnership is a model program for evidence-based public policy with a proven track record at achieving sizable, sustained results. Click here to view our National Public Policy Agenda. 

Nurse-Family Partnership advocates on behalf of our moms, babies, nurses, implementing agencies, and local communities for stronger evidence-based policies and practices at the federal, state, and local level. Over 38 years of research shows that NFP can transform the lives of first time mothers and their children, help communities reduce disparities and improve outcomes, and save scarce taxpayer resources.  Strong bi-partisan support for NFP is crucial to the sustainability and growth of our evidence-based program nationwide. Our Policy and Government Affairs team works to mobilize advocacy efforts nationwide, promoting federal and state policies and public funding strategies that will directly benefit our implementing agencies and target populations. Join us in sharing our vision across the country: Children are healthy. Families Thrive. Communities Prosper. Cycles are Broken.

You can help support NFP in your community! Check out our Advocacy resources to find out how you can take action today. Please explore our site to familiarize yourself with the important work our team is doing around the Federal MIECHV program, Medicaid, health care integration and Pay for Success projects.

Latest News

SC Governor Nikki Haley recently announced a landmark Pay for Success Project to improve maternal and child health. To learn more about this historic initiative, check out the full project overview. Read Charting the Course: Reflections on the SC Nurse-Family Partnership Pay for Success Pilot.

Recent Public Policy Updates

What is evidence-based policy?

Invest in public policy with evidence of effectiveness.

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Funding sources for Nurse-Family Partnership.

Support for the program comes from federal, state, and local funds.

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Advocate for Nurse-Family Partnership.

Help bring the model to more communities.

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Third-party endorsements of the model.

Learn what others are saying about Nurse-Family Partnership.

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Site Visits a Huge Success!

Thank you to all sites who participated in our first NFP National Site Visit Week! We had over 35 implementing agencies involved and hosted dozens of legislators across the country. Click here for a list of participating sites and photos.

While the week is over, you can reach out to your elected officials any time of the year. For more information, check out the Advocacy Toolkit.

"[Nurse-Family Partnership] stands as a testament to what healthcare can accomplish by focusing on families. It can change whole life trajectories. That's a goal to aspire to."

– Dr. Jeffrey Kaczorowski, of the University of Rochester and The Children's Agenda, as quoted in Newsweek ("Family Matters"), May 16, 2005

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