Evidence-based public policy.

Nurse-Family Partnership is a model program for evidence-based public policy and is among the strongest programs for preventive interventions offered for public investment.

Every year, over 700,000 children are born to low-income, first-time mothers in the U.S. who are at the greatest risk of suffering health, education and economic disparities. By offering support to this vulnerable population, Nurse-Family Partnership empowers pregnant women and their families to improve their health and education, and economic self-sufficiency. However, state and federal funding is essential if Nurse-Family Partnership is to be made available to every eligible first-time, low-income family.

Across the nation, cities and states are realizing the value of evidence-based public policy through programs that are verified to improve outcomes for families and communities, such as Nurse-Family Partnership. Its proven effectiveness makes Nurse-Family Partnership a model of evidence-based public policy that delivers a substantial return on investment. Along with unsurpassed health, educational and economic outcomes, Nurse-Family Partnership services have shown decreases in the number of families enrolled in Medicaid and food stamps programs, as well as improvements in pregnancy outcomes, health status, school achievement, parental employment and family stability.

Nurse-Family Partnership can gain strong political support through advocacy efforts. The NFP Vision helps to drive our advocacy messaging: Children are healthy. Families thrive. Communities prosper. Cycles are broken. You can help bring NFP to scale nationwide. To advocate for NFP check out the Advocacy resources page. 

To learn more about Nurse-Family Partnership’s Public Policy Priorities for 2015, click here.

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What is evidence-based policy?

Invest in public policy with evidence of effectiveness.

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Funding sources for Nurse-Family Partnership.

Support for the program comes from federal, state, and local funds.

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Advocate for Nurse-Family Partnership.

Help bring the model to more communities.

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Third-party endorsements of the model.

Learn what others are saying about Nurse-Family Partnership.

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"[Nurse-Family Partnership] stands as a testament to what healthcare can accomplish by focusing on families. It can change whole life trajectories. That's a goal to aspire to."

– Dr. Jeffrey Kaczorowski, of the University of Rochester and The Children's Agenda, as quoted in Newsweek ("Family Matters"), May 16, 2005

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