Nurse-Family Partnership in Wake County

Wake County Human Services

Program launched: January 2009
Mothers served since site launch: 374
Babies born since site launch: 245
Total number of home visits completed: 7,974

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Wake County Community Partners

Alice Aycock Poe Health Education Center
Choices for Children
Community Care of Wake and Johnston Counties
Convivial Consulting
Dress for Success Triangle
Family Resource Center of Raleigh
First Baptist Church Clothing Ministry
Oakwood Homeowners Association
Wake County Safe Child
Wake County Smart Start
Wake Teen

Challenges in Wake County
Rather than serving the entire county, Nurse-Family Partnership in Wake County serves two regions identified as high-need.

  • One in four cases of infant mortality in Wake County occurs in these regions (NC Center for Health Statistics, 2007)
  • These areas alone account for 22% of all Child Protective Services assessments in Wake County (Wake County Child Welfare Services, 2007)
  • 20% of Medicaid births in Wake County occur in these regions (NC Center for Health Statistics, 2007)

Nurse-Family Partnership Success Stories in Wake County

  • NFP Nurse Home Visitor Alberta is the senior NFP NHV on the team. Her area of expertise is child development. With her assessment skills, she has been able to identify several children who benefited from additional intervention services.  NFP offers many screening opportunities in order to identify needs early.  This supports our goal of improved child health and development. 
  • NFP Nurse Home Visitor Amber is bilingual and works with the Latino moms. In addition to helping her clients overcome language challenges, she works to assist them in accessing any resources that they may be eligible to receive. As our newest NFP nurse, she has had four deliveries, all of which have been full term.
  • NFP Nurse Home Visitor Lorraine received her client through a referral from the school nurse. This client was already at-risk due to her preexisting diagnosis of diabetes in addition to the pregnancy. The NFP nurse and the school-based public health nurse were able to collaborate on the client’s care to work toward a successful pregnancy and delivery. Although the baby arrived a few weeks early, her outcome was much better due to the care she received.
  • NFP Nurse Home Visitor Lisa worked hard to connect with her 18-year-old client who brought with her a history of neglect and abandonment by her own mother. She then encountered domestic violence with the father of her baby. Through work on goal setting, the client decided to embark on her dream of going into the military. She enlisted in the National Guard and has completed basic training.
  • NFP Nurse Home Visitor Rachel met her client after her previous nurse relocated. She was a 17-year-old high school senior when she had her baby. She is currently a freshman at William Peace University and is adjusting to college life while parenting a toddler. She remains active in the program.
  • NFP Nurse Home Visitor Alberta’s client was only 13 when she enrolled with Nurse-Family Partnership. Alberta took time to explain all that was happening during pregnancy and what to expect at the time of delivery. When Alberta visited the new mom and her baby in the hospital, the labor and delivery nurse said the young lady was more prepared than some women twice her age. The mother is bonding well with her baby boy and has chosen to breastfeed despite initial reluctance.
  • NFP Nurse Home Visitor Tiffany’s client was seven months pregnant at the close of her junior year of high school and discovered that she had to complete two summer classes to pass to the next grade. With Tiffany’s guidance, she was able to focus on her education and prepare for a new baby. The mother passed all her classes and is now a senior. Her goal is to graduate from high school, something neither of her parents achieved.

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The Raleigh NFP program is located on Sunnybrook Rd. and is one of the leading Raleigh charities helping first-time, at risk parents.

Wake County nurses. 

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Wake County Human Services
10 Sunnybrook Road
Raleigh, NC 27610
+1-919-212-7210; fax 919-212-7946

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