Making new beginnings possible.

Nurse-Family Partnership®, a maternal and early childhood health program, fosters long-term success for first-time moms, their babies and society.

Nurse-Family Partnership's maternal health program introduces vulnerable first-time parents to caring maternal and child health nurses. This program allows nurses to deliver the support first-time moms need to have a healthy pregnancy, become knowledgeable and responsible parents, and provide their babies with the best possible start in life. The relationship between mother and nurse provides the foundation for strong families, and lives are forever changed – for the better.


Providing help during pregnancy for
first-time moms.

A voluntary, free maternal and childhood health program, Nurse-Family Partnership gives first-time moms valuable knowledge and support throughout pregnancy and until their babies reach two years of age. Partnering first-time moms with caring nurse home visitors empowers these mothers to confidently create a better life for their children and themselves.




Changing lives through community
healthcare nursing.

Maternal and child health nurses are the backbone of Nurse-Family Partnership. A nurse-led maternal health and home visitation program, Nurse-Family Partnership partners low-income, first-time moms with maternal and child health nurses. The resulting trusted relationship gives these moms the support they need to have a healthy pregnancy, improve their child’s health and development, and become more economically self-sufficient.



Strengthening society with an evidence-based community healthcare program.

Nurse-Family Partnership is a community healthcare program that yields quantifiable social benefits and a substantial return on the community’s investment. More than 37 years of evidence from randomized, controlled trials prove this maternal health program’s effectiveness guiding low-income, first-time moms and their children to successful futures. By developing strong family foundations, this program establishes better, safer, and stronger communities for generations to come.


Listen to our first StoryCorps audio interview and hear NFP mom Oyuny Bahena's story about heroin addiction and the help she found from her NFP nurses.

Making a long-term difference by supporting a top-rated charity.

With a proven record of effective outcomes, Nurse-Family Partnership has earned the reputation of one of the country’s top-rated charities. Not only does this maternal and child health program change the lives of low-income, first-time moms and their children, but it also strengthens communities by helping to break the cycle of poverty.






Achieving the benefits of evidence-based public policy.

Nurse-Family Partnership is a model nurse home visitation program for evidence-based public health policy. With more than 37 years of evidence of effectiveness, Nurse-Family Partnership services have shown to help break the cycle of poverty, strengthen communities, and improve lives.


Validating the Nurse-Family Partnership model.

Through extensive research conducted over more than 37 years, Nurse-Family Partnership has a proven level of effectiveness. Three randomized, controlled trials demonstrate that Nurse-Family Partnership delivers against its goals of better pregnancy outcomes, improved child health and development, and increased economic self-sufficiency. These outcomes contribute to preventing child abuse, reducing juvenile crime, and increasing school readiness.


Listen to our first StoryCorps audio interview and hear NFP mom Oyuny Bahena's story about heroin addiction and the help she found from her NFP nurses.

Celebrating the positive impacts of a top-rated charity.

As an evidence-based community healthcare program, Nurse-Family Partnership provides low-income, first-time moms with the care and support they need to have a healthy pregnancy, provide competent care for their children, and achieve a better life for themselves and their families.


Nurse-Family Partnership

Nurse-Family Partnership es un programa que combina compasión con investigación para mejorar las vidas de sus participantes. A través de visitas al hogar realizadas por enfermeras profesionales.

NFP une a madres primerizas con enfermeras, quienes pueden ayudarlas a tener un embarazo saludable, ofrecerles apoyo y consejos sobre el desarrollo infantil y ayudarlas a iniciar esta nueva etapa de tu vida de la mejor manera posible.
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