Nurse-Family Partnership in Buncombe County

Buncombe County Health Department

Program launched: October 2009
Mothers enrolled as of March 2014: 334
Babies born as of March 2013: 215
Graduations as of March 2013: 70

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Buncombe County Fact sheet

Buncombe County Community Partners

Asheville Family Health Center
Family to Family
Maternal Care Coordination of Buncombe County Department of Health
Mountain Area Health Education Center
Pregnancy Support Services of Asheville
School Health Nurses
WIC Nutritionist
Women’s Health Care
YWCA of Asheville MotherLove program

Challenges in Buncombe County

  • Nearly 61% of births in the county are to women enrolled in Medicaid (NC Center for Health Statistics, 2008)
  • 12.2% all Buncombe County mothers report smoking during pregnancy (NC Center for Health Statistics, 2005-2009)
  • Nearly 14% of Buncombe County residents live in poverty (US Census Bureau, 2008)

Nurse-Family Partnership Success Stories in Buncombe County

  • NFP Nurse Home Visitor Diane’s client was a young mother who was homeless and suffered from a mental disability and seizures. The mother was at risk for preterm labor and a C-section delivery. Thanks in part to Diane’s guidance, neither of these situations came to pass. The client and her three-month-old daughter now have housing and have been referred to appropriate support services in their area. The mother is also practicing medication adherence, and the baby is thriving.
  • NFP Nurse Home Visitor Susan’s client suffered from anxiety and came from a history of abuse. Nurse Susan helped her gain confidence and identify ways to reduce her worries. The mother has breastfed her baby girl since birth. She has also returned to work and has achieved her goal of being a great mom to her daughter.

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Buncombe County NFP
162 Coxe Avenue
Asheville, NC 28806
+1-828-250-5063 Fax: 828-250-6095

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