“The circumstances our family has experienced have been challenging, but it does not have to define our story.”

NFP Nurse Angelica, Grayson and Amber
NFP Nurse Angelica, Grayson and Amber

Pregnancy was an unexpected surprise for Amber Hill. She and her husband had wanted to wait, but life had other plans. A week after they got the news, her husband reported to prison. Amber was left overwhelmed, and NFP nurse Angelica Quach stepped in to meet her where she was at – emotionally, mentally, physically and financially. NFP Nurse Angelica helped her to monitor her high blood pressure, and cope with depression and anxiety. She encouraged Amber to be her best advocate – especially when visiting her husband at prison and not being fully allowed to breastfeed her infant son. Amber shared that Nurse-Family Partnership has given her family the ability to see beyond their current circumstances – and overcome them to achieve their full potential. Today, Amber loves being Grayson’s mom and is proud of her healthy and happy toddler – who brings joy to all around him.

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