DENVER, CO (August 29, 2017) – Nurse-Family Partnership® (NFP), a national, evidence-based home visiting program serving first-time moms and their children living in poverty, has announced the appointment of Nurse-Family Partnership graduate Ashlei Watson to its board of directors.

Watson, a 2012 graduate, now holds a master’s degree in public administration, and, as site coordinator for Palo Duro High School in Lubbock, Texas, provides counseling and services to at-risk youth.

The addition of a program veteran to the board gives voice to the families Nurse-Family Partnership serves, and Watson’s achievements are powerful testimony to the program’s effectiveness, said Robert Hill, chairman of the Nurse-Family Partnership board of directors.

Hill described Watson’s accomplishments, as a professional and as a mother of five-year-old Italie, as “proof of what is possible when families have access to Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP). Having Ashlei, an NFP alumna, on the board will heighten our commitment to listen to those we serve,” he said. “We could not be more honored to have her insights as a board member.”

Watson said she believes the close relationships formed between nurses and the families they serve are key to Nurse-Family Partnership’s success, and she credits her experience in the program with helping her forge a path to success for herself and her daughter. “As a board member, I hope to provide a graduate perspective that is unique and I hope to help reach moms,” she said.

Nurse-Family Partnership ® changes the future for the most vulnerable babies born into poverty by giving a first-time mom trusted support from her own personal nurse throughout the first 1,000 days, from pregnancy until her child’s second birthday. Nurse-Family Partnership is backed by 40 years of scientifically-proven outcomes for both mom and baby, and currently serves over 33,000 moms in 42 states, the U.S. Virgin Islands and six Tribal communities. Nurse-Family Partnership is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Follow NFP on Twitter @NFP_nursefamily, Facebook at and Instagram at