The Nurse-Family Partnership National Service Office is actively monitoring the impact of COVID-19 on our families, our teams and our communities.


General guidance for accessing information about

COVID-19 and continuity of care:

  • We strongly advise you to access information about COVID-19 directly from vetted sources that are updated regularly. Two examples are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO)
  • For guidance regarding pregnant women and children, the CDC has an “specific groups” information page which is updated regularly.
  • Stay current with local updates and guidance on clinical practice from your local, or state, public health authorities.


For families—this section is intended to help NFP families and others who need support in managing the disruptions in every day life and work created by the COVID-19 pandemic:


What our nurses are doing in all of thisNurses in specific locations are being pulled from home visitation to be trained in emergency preparedness and support call centers in their communities, etc.

We appreciate that NFP nurses are well positioned to provide guidance to clients and their families (including infants and children) regarding when to seek medical care and when to utilize information lines or reschedule appointments if possible (e.g. a routine well-child checkup). They are also well positioned to ensure families are connected to additional resources in the community needed to support them during this crisis, such as access to food or housing assistance.

We will successfully navigate this crisis by maintaining calm, exercising thoughtful caution, and keeping our compassion for our families and each other at the center of all we do.