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My hope is that this blog shines a spotlight on the important work being done at Nurse-Family Partnership—messages about those committed to serving families living in poverty and equally committed to alleviating it. The stories found here will be stories of our nurses, families, funders and everyone committed to ending intergenerational poverty in this country.

Nurse-Family Partnership nurses lift the lives of our nation’s most vulnerable families by developing relationships and creating opportunities.

Frank Daidone goes on a home visit in Texas with Nurse-Family Partnership Nurse. I’ve seen a nurse in Texas reassure a vulnerable 17-year old mother of two 6-month old twins that she was an amazing mother. I saw a former victim of sex trafficking, now a mother of a two-year old, confidently prepare for graduation. I’ve met with tenacious caregivers in the U.S. Virgin Islands who met their moms throughout the aftermath of two Category 5 hurricanes.

Through their tenacious work and sacrifice, our nurses help shape the future of a child, a family and a community.

If you have a story of hope and opportunity that you would like shared in this forum, please share it with me by clicking here.


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