All the support you need to make Nurse-Family Partnership a success.

The Nurse Practice team provides ongoing consultation and guidance to Nurse-Family Partnership’s community health nurses nationwide.

Maternal and child health nurses are at the heart of Nurse-Family Partnership – and they have been since Dr. David Olds first collaborated with community healthcare nurses in the 1970s to create the Nurse-Family Partnership program. Today, Nurse-Family Partnership’s strong reputation in communities around the country is in large part due to the Nurse-Family Partnership public health nurses. They remain the catalyst for our strength and continued success.

That’s why at the Nurse-Family Partnership National Service Office, the Nursing Practice team is one of our most important and prominent entities. The Nursing Practice team is comprised of dedicated individuals with a depth of experience in public health nursing and Nurse-Family Partnership program delivery.

From the very first day a maternal and child health nurse joins a local Nurse-Family Partnership agency – either as a nurse home visitor or as a nurse supervisor – the Nursing Practice staff provides an unparalleled support system to help nurses get started on the right foot with tools, education and resources to improve both job satisfaction and client outcomes. The helping hand doesn’t disappear after “day one,” either. Dedicated Nursing Practice consultants work closely with nurses at existing Nurse-Family Partnership implementing agencies to provide ongoing assistance and guidance.

Part of the mission of the Nursing Practice team is ensuring nurse home visitors and nurse supervisors receive the specialized program education they need to be successful. The links below provide information about the training the Nursing Practice team provides through in-person classes and distance learning.


“What makes Nurse-Family Partnership different is that we build relationships. That nurse is with that mom every step of the way for over two years. It’s an intensive, long-term program. It’s a chance to be a positive voice in a young woman’s life when she needs it most. We’re committed. And it makes a difference.”

 Pat Yoder
   Nurse-Family Partnership
   Nurse Supervisor


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