Nurse-Family Partnership International

News of the benefits that NFP brings to vulnerable parents, their babies and society is spreading around the world. 

Governments and leaders in child and family health are increasingly looking for solutions to enduring problems of child maltreatment, social exclusion, educational failure and welfare dependency. They often turn to NFP because of its strong evidentiary foundations, proven return on investment and reputation for high quality replication.

David Olds, Ph.D., and his team at the Prevention Research Center for Family and Child Health at the University of Colorado Denver advise governments and support new countries to test the program. NFP is now being evaluated/implemented in Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, (with a randomized controlled trial being led by the Children's Health Policy Centre), England, Northern Ireland, Norway, Scotland and The Netherlands. This means that thousands more children and families are having their lives turned round and hundreds of skilful nurses are doing what they do best – making a difference.

Today we have an NFP international community of nurses, clinical leaders, researchers, administrators and policy makers.  Together our learning is helping us to continually improve the program bringing benefits to families wherever they are being served.  This learning has also given us a much better understanding of what is needed to successfully introduce NFP to a new country.  In particular, adapting NFP to different a system, culture, and sometimes language, while retaining the scientific and clinical integrity of the program on which the outcomes depend.

If you are interested in how NFP is working in other countries or would like to find out about how you could test the program in your own country please contact our Program Coordinator for NFP International:

Cheryl Loston-Williams


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