Empowering first-time moms to find their hearts' desires.

Nurse-Family Partnership gives maternal and child nurses a career they can feel passionate about.

There are so many reasons why maternal and child health nurses choose to become Nurse-Family Partnership nurse home visitors – autonomy, flexibility, a supportive work environment, and continuing education. But nothing beats the knowledge that they are providing a very special kind of support to first-time moms – the kind of support that makes a measurable difference in the lives of their clients.

Read the inspirational stories of some of the maternal and child health nurses who work for Nurse-Family Partnership. And discover why being a Nurse-Family Partnership nurse home visitor offers a career like no other.

Christina's story
Christina had been a social worker and a hospital-based pediatric nurse. Now that Christina has been a part of Nurse-Family Partnership for eight years, she doesn't want to do anything else. The difference with Nurse-Family Partnership is the opportunity to build a long-term relationship with her clients – to "have a hand in the future." Download Christina's story.

Gail's story
The Nurse-Family Partnership training represented a paradigm shift in Gail's views of infant development. She had worked in many different areas of nursing, and other than the training she received as a surgical intensive care nurse, none has come close to the depth of preparation she received for Nurse-Family Partnership. As Gail learned, the program also had supports in place to help new practitioners circumvent failure. Download Gail's story.

Pat's Story
In 1986, as a nursing grad student, Pat came across an article in Pediatrics about a unique home visitation pilot program initiated by Dr. David Olds. Fifteen years later, as a field nurse, Pat learned that Olds’ program was to be replicated in her state. She went to her supervisor and said. “I’ve been following this program since I was in grad school; we need to bring it here.” Her supervisor told her to write the grant, and if they got funding, Pat could run the program. Download Pat's Story.

Vickie's story
Vickie has been a nurse for 30 years, including 10 years serving as a missionary in Papua New Guinea. Today, she works for the Nurse-Family Partnership in Dallas, Texas, helping low-income, first-time mothers cope with all the challenges of raising a baby. You might think that her work in Texas is a far cry from her experiences in the bush, but Vickie will be the first to tell you that nothing could have prepared her better. Download Vicki's story.

A day in the life
No two days in the life of a Nurse-Family Partnership nurse home visitor are ever the same. Discover what your day might entail if you were to join our evidence-based program. Download "A day in the life."


"There isn't a program like us. We help a girl change into a woman and a mother. It's like a metamorphosis."

 Nicole Hoffman
   Nurse-Family Partnership
   Nurse Home Visitor

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