Relationships first-time parents count on.

Maternal and child health nurses at Nurse-Family Partnership help first-time mothers become knowledgeable parents who are able to prepare their children for successful futures.

As a maternal and child health nurse home visitor working with Nurse-Family Partnership, you will develop long-term relationships with your clients. By working with and truly getting to know mothers in their own homes, you can encourage them to take advantage of their strengths and achieve their goals.

From pregnancy until the child reaches two years of age, you'll serve as a trusted advisor to first-time moms. You’ll be offering the support they need to deliver healthy babies, become confident parents, and ultimately, encourage them to pursue a better future for themselves and their children.

As a maternal and child health nurse, you will meet with each first-time mom in 64 planned home visits over a two-and-a-half year period. The baby's father and other family members are encouraged to take part, too. This intensive level of support has proven to improve outcomes relating to:

  • Preventive health and prenatal practices for the mother – helping her find appropriate prenatal care, improve her diet, and reduce her use of tobacco, alcohol, and illegal substances. Additionally, maternal and child health nurses help the mother prepare emotionally for the arrival of the baby.
  • Health and development education and care for both mother and child – providing individualized awareness of specific child development milestones and behaviors, as well as encouraging parents to use praise and other nonviolent techniques.
  • Life coaching for the mother and her family – enabling economic self-sufficiency among mothers by encouraging them to develop a vision for their own futures, stay in school, find employment, and plan future pregnancies.



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