Public health nurses change lives – today and tomorrow.

Nurse-Family Partnership helps at-risk, first-time mothers have healthy pregnancies, improve child health and development, and become more economically self-sufficient.

Public health nurses are the backbone of Nurse-Family Partnership's success. Since the program’s beginning, nurses have been instrumental in shaping and delivering this evidence-based, community health program. Because of their specialized knowledge, the public health nurses who deliver the Nurse-Family Partnership program in their communities establish trusted relationships with young, at-risk mothers during home visits, providing guidance for the emotional, social, and physical challenges these first-time moms face as they prepare to become parents. But most importantly, Nurse-Family Partnership nurse home visitors make a measurable, long-lasting difference in the lives of their clients.

What do public health nurses do?

Prepare low-income, first-time moms for parenthood.

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A typical day of a nurse home visitor.

Discover a maternal and child health nursing career like no other.

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Join the Nurse-Family Partnership family.

Continue your career in public health nursing.

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Sara Hale Video

Hear Sara Hale share why she is a Nurse-Family Partnership nurse home visitor. More>>

“Yes, it's a hard job. But we love it because we know it's a valuable one. We don't take lightly the fact that we're working directly with people's lives. We know we have a hand in the future.”
 –  Christina Baker
   Nurse-Family Partnership
   Nurse Home Visitor


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