Nurse-Family Partnership of South Carolina

Thanks to the dedication of Nurse-Family Partnership, low-income, first-time parents living in South Carolina have a place to turn for support, care and help.

Through Nurse-Family Partnership, women pregnant with their first child are paired with a registered nurse trained to educate, encourage and support them through the first two years of motherhood. This approach has proven to counter risks to babies such as low birth weight, premature birth and developmental problems. Research shows that Nurse-Family Partnership produces positive outcomes for the entire family.

Why does it work? By empowering women to become the mothers and role models they want to be, Nurse-Family Partnership helps children get on a healthy path to success. With so many families in need, our supporters are dedicated to sustaining and growing the program’s reach within South Carolina. It's our vision to transform as many lives as possible as a South Carolina charity.

South Carolina Statewide Report

Nurse-Family Partnership in South Carolina
In 2008, a statewide public-private partnership of nonprofits, foundations and government agencies came together to bring Nurse-Family Partnership to South Carolina after seeing the overwhelmingly positive results from more than 37 years of research supporting the program.

In just a few years, Nurse-Family Partnership in South Carolina has grown to include seven locations serving 26 counties across the state. The partnership of organizations supporting Nurse-Family Partnership continues efforts to expand to more locations in the future.

To inquire about bringing Nurse-Family Partnership to more communities in South Carolina, contact the Nurse-Family Partnership Business Development Manager for South Carolina.

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Nurse-Family Partnership in South Carolina

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