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True stories from first-time moms helped by Nurse-Family Partnership.

Nurse-Family Partnership helps first-time moms with the support they need to become confident parents and strong women, and ultimately, give their babies the best possible start in life. Read the stories below to see how the trusted relationship between Nurse-Family Partnership Nurse Home Visitors and first-time moms leaves a positive impact on the whole family.

Amanda's story
Nineteen and pregnant, Amanda had a lot on her plate, so she didn't need any aggravation – but that was just what she was getting. Her boyfriend, the father of her unborn child, got louder, wanting to argue, as he stood aggressively over Amanda, who was sitting at the kitchen table. That's when Valerie stepped in. Download Amanda's story  En Español

Andrea's story
“Nurse-Family Partnership lays the foundation to put you on the right foot as new parents,” said Andrea, a NFP graduate from Henryville, Pennsylvania. “There isn’t a class in school that tells you how to raise a kid. Nurse-Family Partnership is like an instruction book that gives you the knowledge and positive encouragement to raise a baby.” Download Andrea's story

Antoinette's story
Pregnant at 18, Antoinette was scared and had few places to turn to for help. Fortunately, she learned about the Nurse-Family Partnership from a visit to her local Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) office, where she was introduced to Vickie for the first time. Download Antoinette's story  En Español

Brady's story
Hers is a strong, clear voice with an energy that young people seem to have when their future is undeniable bright. To talk with Brady today, you’d never know it wasn’t always that way. Download Brady's story

Christina's story
Christina was hardly ready to become a mom when a casual encounter with a friend left her pregnant at 15. Christina’s mother was an alcoholic who had allowed her child to drink at an early age. Her dad was in prison. Lost and alone, Christina at times had to live on the streets.  Download Christina's story

Crystal's story
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. When glancing at the family photo of Crystal, her boyfriend Kelvin, and their son Torrian, you might think "there's a typical, happy young family." But the story behind the photo is far from typical. It begins one year earlier, when a scared high school junior tells the school nurse that she thinks she is pregnant. Download Crystal's story  En Español

Felicia's story
Part role model, part mentor, part friend, Nurse-Family Partnership Nurse Home Visitor Clarissa is the kind of person any woman – young or old – dreams of having on her side. It seems only natural that as the conversation grows intensely intimate, neither woman hesitates. No topic is off-limits. They communicate with ease about subjects many mothers and daughters avoid. Download Felicia's story  En Español

Holly's story
Tony is a sweet little two-year-old who recently became a big brother. His parents, Holly and Alan, are loving, attentive and well-prepared for the future. They know how to advocate for Tony’s needs, and where to get answers to parenting questions. Not long ago, all of this was nothing more than a fantasy. Download Holly's story 
En Español

Jennifer's Story
The young mother locks eyes with her little boy and says, “I love you.” “How much?” answers Jayden, a pro at this game. “I love you to the moon!” Jennifer says. Jayden grins and without missing a beat, answers: “And back. Cracker Jack!”. Download Jennifer's story  View video of Jennifer's story  En Español

Jessika's story
It was hard enough for Jessika to learn that she was pregnant at age 20. What made it even harder was that few others seemed to have faith in her ability to be a good mother. The reason: Jessika was a recovering heroin addict. Download Jessika's story  En Español

Kristina's story
Kristina and her daughter Jayda are about to celebrate the second-year anniversary of living in their own home. At 22, Kristina bought her own house in the country on the outskirts of Anderson, South Carolina, close to the Georgia line. Download Kristina's story

Kim's story
Kim's young son Daivontae loves playing at the playground. If you saw Daivontae going down the slide at the park, you would think nothing of it. But, at 2 years-old Daivontae wears glasses for protection because he only has vision in his left eye.
Download Kim's story

Lorena's story
Halfway through eighth grade, Lorena found out she was pregnant. She was scared and really worried about how things would go. Her mom had just gone through health trauma and her dad was not around. The father of her future child was no longer a part of her life. Download Lorena's story  En Español

Lum's story
Lum was just beginning her new life in the United States when she found out she was pregnant. She and her boyfriend Min, both refugees from Burma, would have their first child together. It was another great challenge in their young lives.  Download Lum's story  En Español

Maria's story
Maria was 16 when she left home in the western suburbs of Chicago. She was carrying a dark secret about sexual abuse, so she was glad for the chance to start a new life in the home of her older brother and sister-in-law. Download Maria's story  En Español

Mela's Story
Mela knew she didn’t feel good. During her pregnancy, she was gaining an excessive amount of weight and had a big jump in blood pressure. Download Mela's story  En Español

Nely's story
As Holly Poole scans the file of her newest client, Nely, she looks carefully for any red flags. Drug use? The report says no. Drinking? Another no. Holly feels some relief, but when she scans further, she sees it: red flag number one. Newly pregnant Nely is just 14 years old. Download Nely's story  En Español

Rosa's story
On March 15, Rosa Valentin – a 16-year old mom from Lancaster, Pennsylvania – testified before the U.S. House Ways and Means Subcommittee on her experience in the Nurse-Family Partnership â program and how her nurse Beth Russell has helped her to become a confident mom. Rosa was joined by her 20-month-old daughter Angelica. Download Rosa's story

Sam's story
Alone and pregnant after a broken engagement, Sam, 24, worried about caring for a baby. “Oh boy,” she thought. “What did I get myself into? I have to bathe her on my own and get up in the middle of the night.” Download Sam's story

Sarah's story
Sarah was born to a teenage mom and has an older sister who gave birth to two children before she turned 20. So when Sarah, at age 16, learned that she was pregnant, she wasted no time. She immediately visited her local health department and signed up for a program that helps first-time teenage parents. After watching her mom's and sister's daily struggles, she knew Nurse-Family Partnership was exactly what she needed. Download Sarah's story  En Español

Shanice's story
In St. Louis, Missouri, a teenage girl walks along the side of the road, leaning into the wind on a cold, wintry day. Wearing a big puffy jacket, she walks to school, even though it takes an hour each way. Even though she is pregnant. Her name is Shanice, and she is 17. Download Shanice's story  En Español

Sharline's story
Sharline’s “Point A” is similar to the starting point of other young women in the program – age 19, little family support, abandoned by her baby’s father and referred to the program by the group facility in which she is living after a stint of homelessness. But when Sharline starts talking about what she wants from her pregnancy and what she wants to achieve in life – her “Point B” – Coydette can barely take notes fast enough. Download Sharline's story  En Español

“I’m smart,” says Crystal proudly, “and I want my son to be smart too,” as she pulls out a little alphabet book she has made for her son. Even though she is walking back and forth to school, attending classes and doing homework, she has made time to create this book.

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