Pregnancy assistance, prenatal program – and a whole lot more.

Your Nurse-Family Partnership Nurse Home Visitor brings you a prenatal assistance program that helps you before and after your baby is born.

Now that you've just found out you're pregnant, you realize you need help. You have questions like: "How do I know if my baby is healthy?" or "How big will my breasts get?" But who can you ask? That's why there's pregnancy assistance from Nurse-Family Partnership.

Your Nurse-Family Partnership Nurse Home Visitor can answer those questions and a lot more as part of the pregnancy assistance program. After all, who is more trusted than a nurse to answer these questions?

The Nurse-Family Partnership free, voluntary program continues for you until your baby's second birthday. The nurse who helped you prepare for all the stages of your pregnancy and delivery is still there for you – through breastfeeding, bathing your baby, and changing diapers. She'll talk with you about talking to your little one – and about planning goals so that your family has a good future. Your nurse will be there for you during pregnancy and after your delivery – and she'll be there to help you find your heart's desire as you create the best possible life for your baby and yourself.

How do nurse home visits help you?

Each visit is designed around three goals: a healthy pregnancy and delivery, your baby's good health and development, and your vision and goals for your future. Learn more about the goals of this prenatal assistance program by reading The Home Visit Goals.

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